GAFE Vermont Summit 2014

Speaking Schedule (All 3 Venues are in the Library)

Saturday, March 29

Ron's SLAM: Edit Images in Google Slides or Drawings after Capturing them with Snagit

Google Presentation Link for Ron's SLAM

On March 25, Google added the ability to edit images right in Google Slides and Drawings.

Edit Images in Google Sli...apturing them with Snagit

Here is a preview of the SLAM topics for today:

Use Google Drive and Blogger to host a podcast - no external services required -«Brian Gray»

Pivot Reports with Synergyse -«Varun Malhotra»

LucidCharts Add-on in Google Docs -«Lee Webster»

Change over Time --> Google Earth Engine -«Donnie Piercey»

Google Add Ons --> HelloFax, Mindmeister, and EasyBib -«David Salmon»

3 Ways to Screencast with a Chromebook or Chrome Browser -«Jonathan Wylie»

Color Picker Extension -«Nick Cusumano»

An extension to send secure, encrypted messages through Gmail.

Take a look at these Fusion Tables (Examples)

Fusion Table Tutorials

Tour Builder

Fusion Tables: Geo-mapping my Guests !

Attendance Form

Attendance Form (Responses)

Fusion Table Feeds Map in a Google Site

BONUS: Record a cool Video with Snagit and Save it to YouTube ( I will Demo)

Copy the YouTube Embed Code in the Video field of the Attendance.

00-Fusion Tables: GAFE Vermont

Arundel Nature and Science Centre (ANSC)

(Intro to Fusion Tables / Google Forms / Script to Auto-Grade the Quiz)

«CREATION» -The Build !

PHASE 1: Map Creation in a Fusion Table

1-Google Spreadsheet (Input data) --Google Form is optional

2-Create a Fusion Table by importing the Spreadsheet (step 1)

3-Modify the Fusion Table to Produce a Map with Coordinate info

4-Publish (Embed) the Map in a Google Site

PHASE 2: Create a Form to Collect Student Responses

5-Create an online Questionnaire (Google Form)

6-Link the Form to another Google Spreadsheet

7-Insert the Form (or link) into a Google Site Page

PHASE 3: Optional - Adv

8-Use a Google Script to «Auto Grade» the Questionnaire (Form Responses)

01-Wildlife Geolocation at ANSC (Spreadsheet) -Data was collected in a spreadsheet

02-Wildlife Geolocation at ANSC (Fusion Table) -Imported

Tool: Map marker or Icon names

Fusion Table Feeds this Google Site (Live!)

Google Embed Gadget

Sunday, March 30

-Steps to Create a Pivot Table Report

- Normalize Data (unpivot)