GAFE MTL Summit 2013


Sunday, December 8 • 3:00pm - 4:00pm (Room 314)

Treasure hunting and Geocaching finds its way into our curriculum.

The Earth is our extended playground for learning. A single coordinate on a map can act as a catalyst to awesome discussions. In this session I will demonstrate how we are using Fusion Tables to engage students at the Arundel Nature & Science Centre.



Ron Turchyniak

Educational & Assistive Technology Consultant for the Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board.

Google Apps for Education Admin & Trainer.

01-Fusion Tables: GAFE Montreal

Let's visit the

Arundel Nature and Science Centre (ANSC)

This session is about ...

«CREATION» -The Build !

PHASE 1: Map Creation in a Fusion Table

1-Google Spreadsheet (Input data) --Google Form is optional

2-Create a Fusion Table by importing the Spreadsheet (step 1)

3-Modify the Fusion Table to Produce a Map with Coordinate info

4-Publish (Embed) the Map in a Google Site

PHASE 2: Create a Form to Collect Student Responses

5-Create an online Questionnaire (Google Form)

6-Link the Form to another Google Spreadsheet

7-Insert the Form (or link) into a Google Site Page


8-Insert a Google Script to «Auto Grade» the Questionnaire (Form Responses)

01-SWLSB Schools (Spreadsheet Prep)

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Some Junk I use to Brainstorm !

Classroom- Fusion Tables

Classroom full of student collect data into one spreadsheet and then immediately create a map, chart or graph that represents the data.

Students could then make conclusions and predictions based on the visualization.

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Caterpillars, pupae, butterflies & moths

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